Wealth Logic Investing

Based on a framework that if you are willing to give up most of the emotional excitement from investing and deploy some relatively simple but exceedingly dull techniques, you can consistently perform in the top quartile of investors in the short-run and top decile in the long-run.wl_investing_img1

Framework Explanation

1. Behavioral Finance
• Understanding investor patterns of irrationality

2. Efficient Investments
• Exclude investments designed to make others rich at your expense.

2a Asset Allocation
• Select asset classes to increase your return for your level of risk.

2b Diversification
• Removing unnecessary risk.

3 Low Hanging Fruit
• Easy pickings for free additional return.

• Modern Portfolio Theory

Mathematically Superior Wealth Accumulation
• Magic of compounding,


Logical Design

  • Simplicity
  • Efficiency
  • Diversification

Designed to double your real return.