Wealth Logic provides actionable advice on achieving your financial goals and assistance in the implementation of the advice. Our fee structure is either (a) hourly or (b) fixed fee for a particular project (institutional reviews or expert witness testimony). We do not profit from selling any financial products or capturing your assets and charging you an ongoing “management fee.”  This model of compensation is similar to many other professionals (physicians, lawyers, accountants, etc) but very rare in financial planning. We believe that this fee model results in providing more objective advice than other fee models.

Services provided include:

  1. Investment Advisory – Reengineering your portfolio using efficient and effective products designed to lower fees and taxes and, therefore, build significantly more wealth for you.
    • Portfolio construction to lower risk and increase expected returns.
    • Tax efficiency – investing is simple – taxes aren’t.
    • Portfolio simplification for ease of management.
    • Redeployment of trapped underperforming assets (e.g. expensive variable annuities).
    • Redeployment of cash to highest paying alternatives.
  2. Personal Financial Planning – Developing actions to help you achieve financial goals including achieving financial independence. Retirement planning strategies.
    • Cash and debt management.
    • Risk management.
    • College funding.
    • Life transition planning.
  3. Business Planning – Improving the performance of your business.
    • Strategic Planning including early warning indicators.
    • Employee benefits and incentive compensation.
    • Focused cost reduction.
    • Acquisitions and valuations.

We offer potential clients a brief review to help us both determine if Wealth Logic can provide value. Believe it or not, this isn’t a sales pitch! It’s almost free – you have to complete this Confidential Personal Profile.  I apologize but please do not submit a profile as I am working through a backlog at this time.  Download this profile, open as a PDF, edit and save it, then email it to This is the first step as I would be unable to give any insights or estimates without this profile. I do not need account numbers or social security numbers, even if you become a client.

Working with Wealth Logic3 Frequently asked questions

  1. How much does it cost? I do a one-time plan for $450 an hour with plans starting at 8-10 hours, depending upon complexity. Many plans can take 15-20 hours or longer. I provide an estimate and overall high-level thoughts during the initial consultation after a potential client submits a profile.
  2. Do you do a short 2 hour review? – I get asked that a lot but no – for two reasons.
    • I’ve always said investing is simple; I never said taxes, insurance, retirement planning, and estate planning were. Saving a client a couple thousand dollars while leaving tens of thousands of dollars of low-hanging fruit (tax savings, unnecessary insurance expenditures, etc.) is not in the client’s best interests. I believe in comprehensive planning and there is much complexity in moving toward simplicity.
    • The quantity of short engagements would require any successful advisor to register in at least a dozen states. Most states have a de minimus rule allowing only a maximum of five clients in a 12-month period. I can take an unlimited number of clients in California, New York, and Colorado and a have restricted registration in Texas. I cannot take a client in Louisiana which does not have a de minimus rule requiring registration for one client. Registration is time consuming and expensive. For example, I pay an annual California franchise tax.
  3. Do I come back periodically? While the goal is for you to fire Wealth Logic after the one-time plan, a change in circumstance might warrant a short tune up. Selling a business or receiving an inheritance are a couple examples of such a change. The plan will give rules going forward and other educational information with the goal of having more knowledge than the vast majority of financial planners. My monthly email (free to anyone) will keep you up to date on thoughts about what’s happening in the financial world.