Investing – Overview


Wealth Logic’s investment philosophy is based on the belief that there are two key benefits we all get from investing:

  1. Wealth accumulation for life objectives such as financial freedom.
  2. Emotional excitement (behavioral finance).

Unfortunately, these two benefits are usually diametrically opposed. Wealth Logic is for only those clients daring enough to give up most of the emotional excitement to deploy some radically simple but emotionally dull investment techniques. The result will be an expected real return 50 to 100% greater than under the traditional model of using a professional investor.

Are you ready to shift your paradigm from the traditional Wall Street model to one that will produce wealth for you?

Old Paradigm

Exciting and feels good

  • Investing is complex.
  • Requires large team and constant monitoring.
  • Sophisticated products are superior.
  • Hard work pays off.
  • Believe your fees are low.
  • Believe you are getting value for your fees.

New Paradigm

Dull, as it doubles real return

  • Investing is radically simple.
  • Long-term focus requires little monitoring.
  • Radical simplicity rules.
  • Doing nothing is key.
  • Fees are dirt low.
  • You get what you don’t pay for.

Think Like an Institutional Investor and Dare to be Dull!®

  1. Understand human investment behavior.
  2. Stop making others rich and capture as much of the market return capitalism has to give. Then let the magic of compounding take over.
  3. Keep investing as simple as possible and costs dirt low. You will get what you don’t pay for!
  4. Quit paying unnecessary taxes.
  5. Diversify and understand your willingness and need to take risks.
  6. Pick the low hanging fruit – FREE MONEY!
  7. Dare to give up the illusion and build wealth!

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