Wealth Logic, LLC is an hourly based Investment Advisory and Financial Planning firm that uses behavioral finance, logic, and data to develop a financial approach that will produce significantly higher real returns than most investors for their desired level of risk. We will also occasionally do fixed fee engagements for institutional reviews and expert witness testimony.

Core Beliefs

  1. First and foremost, we believe that most investors have the opportunity to double long-run real earnings by investing using logic rather than emotions.
  2. Similar to Belief #1, both logic and data support the notion that YOU GET WHAT YOU DON’T PAY FOR. Efficient investing is a critical component required to capture the higher real earnings mentioned above.
  3. We all have mental models that, without realizing it, create destructive behaviors that result in transferring our hard-earned wealth to others.
  4. Investing is simple and one must always keep the KISS (keep it simple stupid) principle in mind. No one cares more about your money than you. You can do it with a little effort and a little help.
  5. Most investors have low hanging fruit – opportunities to build more wealth with little or no additional risk.

Photo of financial advisor Allan Roth

Allan S. Roth

Allan is the founder of Wealth Logic, LLC. He has been working in the investment world with 25 years of corporate finance. Allan has served as corporate finance officer of two multi-billion dollar companies, and consulted with many others while at McKinsey & Company.

Allan has decades of experience in portfolio construction and performance benchmarking. He has been quoted in such publications as The Wall Street Journal, Money Magazine, The New York Times and Dow Jones MarketWatch, and appeared on numerous TV and radio shows.

Allan takes pride in being mocked on a semi-regular basis by some financial professionals for his hourly fee model and its obvious inability to make him rich. He is also the author of How A Second Grader Beats Wall Street (Wiley & Sons in 2009 and 2011) and writes for AARP, Barron’s, ETF.com, Advisor Perspectives and others.  Allan has taught investments and behavioral finance at the University of Denver, Colorado College and the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs and currently teaches continuing education classes on the subject to CPAs, attorneys, and CFP® certificants. Despite the many credentials (CFP, CPA, MBA) he has earned, Allan claims he can still keep investing simple. His professional goal is to never be confused with Jim Cramer.


B.S. – University of Colorado, Magna Cum Laude
MBA – Northwestern University (Kellogg)
Executive Program – Stanford University Graduate School of Business

Finance Experience:
Corporate Finance Officers of Kaiser Permanente and WellPoint.
Management Consulting – McKinsey & Co.
Public Accounting – KPMG

Professional Certifications:



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Wife: Patty and son Kevin.
In second grade, Kevin was able to design a portfolio that has beat Wall Street soundly! Read 2nd GRADER PORTFOLIO