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Financial Articles by Allan Roth

Click link below for a chronological listing and summaries of some of my recent articles in AARP, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, Barron’s, Advisor Perspectives, Financial Planning Magazine and others:

Financial articles by Allan Roth

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Nearly two decades old- some of my early thinking on investing and finance as I began to write.

Favorite Quotes

“You get what you don’t pay for.”
– John C. Bogle, Founder The Vanguard Group

“One must give up the fantasy of a perspicacious gunslinger/investor
outwitting the market.”
– John Allen Paulos, author of A Mathematician Plays the Stock Market (quote
regarding index investing)

“The best thing you can do as an investor or a gambler, is to know the odds
of the game you’re playing–because not knowing them will cost you.”
– Mathew Emmert, Motley Fool

“How could I have been so mistaken as to have trusted the experts?”
– John F. Kennedy after the Bay of Pigs and, I suspect, many investors after
realizing their expert advisors got rich while they underperformed the